Would you like to Sponsor a Child…?

By sponsoring a child with Care and Share you can reach out to a child who desperately needs your help.
Right now, a child under 5 dies every 3 seconds because they lack simple vaccinations and medications, adequate food and clean water. This isn't a game about survival. These statistics represent real poverty. It doesn't have to be this way.

Sponsoring a child through Care and Share will give a child and their community access to things they need to survive and grow - You will be bringing hope for a better life.
Hand in hand we could do wonders, join us in our attempt.

1. Sponsor a Child – The educational and other expenses come upto Rs.900 per month.

2. Scholarships for higher education – Professional/technical/higher education costs about 1500 per month.

3. Or donate any amount.

Please send us your cheque / DD in favour of CARE AND SHARE, Tiruchirappalli along with your Name, Address, E-mail and telephone number