To empower women to be key change agents to end hunger and poverty.

To provide access to the marginalized children decent education helping them to take control of their lives and break out of the cycle of hunger and poverty in the future.

To care, educate and provide opportunities to orphaned, single parent, abandoned and street children.

To form women into Self Help Groups to take charge of their lives and their future.

To provide access to credit, adequate training and initiate savings that will enable women to engage in income-generating activities to increase their incomes to access most basic necessities of their families.

To reduce infant mortaity in the poor communities by promoting effective child development and child survival programs.

To reduce the incidence of HIV/AIDS among the children and to maximise the length and quality of their life.

To create awareness among the public especially people at risk to reduce the occurance of HIV/AIDS and to create awareness to overcome stigma associated with it.

To make motherhood in the rural areas safer by preventing maternal death.

To empower children with disabilities and their integration in the community, supported by a change of attitude in the society and the creation of opportunities for self-reliance.

To improve the availability and access to quality health care especially for those residing in rural areas, the poor, women and children.

To establish Children’s Parliaments to promote child rights and to prevent school dropout and trafficking.