Partnership / Volunteering

Opportunity for Partnership :

We believe that “Change is Possible” and this energizes us to go forward. Would you like to do something for the poor and deprived – to be change agents? Each of you can get involved by contributing your time, talents, skills and dedication to raise funds. Let us come together to restore to the poor what is rightfully theirs - Human Dignity.

An Invitation to Volunteer Service with CARE AND SHARE

Volunteering with CARE AND SHARE gives you an experience in working and living with rural communities and the young across the state of Tamil Nadu, where our projects are located.

Depending on the abilities, skills and interests of the volunteers, there are possibilities of placement in our various projects.


To build the future of the Young people in our partner projects by assisting and promoting different development activities of our projects in the state of Tamil Nadu.

If you want to be involved with children, young people and rural communities in these parts of India, you are welcome to get in touch with us at CARE AND SHARE.

Possible Activities

1. Learning about the local situation of the people
2. Interacting with local young people
3. Living with children in the Boys’ Homes
4. Teaching Music, Arts, or crafts for the children Helping the children with their lessons
5. Possibility to teach English lessons to young people
6. Organizing games and recreational activities for the children
7. Participating in the activities of the children (Monitoring during study, games, daily chores)
8. Spreading awareness of our work
9. Contributing to communication and publication materials
10. Assisting the project with documentation, reporting etc
11. Facilitating to collect/donate materials for the projects
12. Contributing to the project with your qualification and skills