Project Hope

The main thrust of this project is to create awareness on the prevention and control of STI/HIV/AIDS among the people of Tiruchirappalli district. Although the incidence of HIV/AIDS has reduced during the last few years, it is already entrenched in the rural villages and this is a serious problem. Due to ignorance and fear of stigma and discrimination from the neighbourhood they do not reveal their positive status. This trend is dangerous and alarming.

We have come across with many cases of men marrying women and women marrying men not disclosing their positive status and this has put many families in serious difficulties. Families have broken up, children infected with HIV/AIDS are left to be cared by ailing grand parents, kids taking up work to help the families, single mothers who find it hard to take care of the families, loss of mother, father and siblings all make a sad story. We are making a humble attempt to bring awareness among the rural families of the impact of HIV/AIDS and its serious consequences on the families by teaching every family three ways how HIV/AIDS is transmitted and three ways to prevent HIV/AIDS in 96 villages of Tiruchirappalli district. ONE LIFE, ONE FAMILY AT A TIME . . .

Similarly this project also concentrates on Commercial Sex Workers and their clients like auto drivers, truck drivers, tourists, load men, industrial workers, workers of unorganised sectors to make a behavioural changes by promoting widespread use of condoms. Our aim is also to gradually woo the commercial sex workers away from this profession by providing training on skill development and support to start income generating activities so that have an alternate employment.

Our field staff visits every family in these 96 villages, conduct awareness programs through simple one-on-one meeting, family meeting, exhibitions, medical camps, visiting schools and conducting seminars, distribution and demonstration of usage of condoms and distribution of IEC materials. We also have enlisted the support of local people by forming peer groups in every village consisting of five and more people who voluntarily meet people, families in their own respective villages and share about ways to prevent HIV/AIDS. We also have three counselling Centres made available with qualified counsellors in Lalgudi, Thiruverumbur and Uyyakondan Thirumalai where people could walk in any time and get counselling support.