St.Francis Boys’ Home

launched in June 2006, focuses on children in their formative years, starting with 6 years old and seeing them through getting employment. The project started with 30 children and eventually enrolled upto 120 children. The project targets children from the poorest families, orphans, and destitute. Given proper care, support and educational opportunities, these children will have a good chance of being successful in life. It is our belief that only through institutions such as St.Francis Boys’ Home that the cycle of poverty and social deprivation can be overcome for most poor people. Our mission is to transform the lives of children, return them the ability to dream, provide them with the means, the confidence, and the self-image they need to fully realize their potential, and help them bloom into healthy, self-reliant individuals. The chief objective is to restore to children their basic right to food, shelter, health and education - in short a future.